STEP 1 Design your blog

In the first step to designing a blog you need to think about what you want to blog about.
What will capture the people you aim to talk to.

There is a free blog design website on the internet that you can use. Its called Blogger and is a great website that has already done half the design and setup for you. Keep in mind, it is limited but it is a great way to start your blog and get it out there in front of your audiences eyes.

There are many ways you can design your blog, but do what you feel works for you. After a little experimentation and tinkering it will be set up just the way you like it and if not you can always go back and change it then or later. With all blogs you need a catchy title and content that will come in time. Just work your way around the dashboard and find you feet so you know what everything does so you can take your blog to the next level. Even this blog is constantly getting updated with new stuff that i am trying and writing about.

Here is the link for the website blogger

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